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R&B recycling #2: Adina Howard vs. Sugababes
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R&B recycling #2: Adina Howard vs. Sugababes

By Melanie Henderson Sometimes information can pass us by. You go through life knowing something to have been created by one person, but really it had been done before. Classic. The film or the book. The chicken or the egg. Erm, I think you get me. Fact of life. People copy one another. Artists sing one another’s songs. Sometimes they … Continue reading

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Gospel geek: Amazing Grace

By Melanie Henderson When it comes to music, not many a genre can compete with gospel. The sheer weight of its purpose coupled with its heart-wrenching history, amazing and complex musical lines and harmonies brings together an overflowing basket full of information; for which the “Gospel Geek” series has been created. A little history, who wrote … Continue reading

Six handpicked classic carols with six gospel counterparts
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Six handpicked classic carols with six gospel counterparts

By Melanie Henderson  Aww, Christmas is nearly here. I hadn’t yet done anything on Christmas music, sorry. There’s all kinds of beautiful music to be shared. Don’t worry though, there’s more to come after this post (hooray!). While for the most part everyone’s all pop and classic carols at this time of year, as with most … Continue reading

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Gospel & classical music shine in style at Botanical gardens

By Melanie Henderson Music these days is often over-produced, with more of artist’s lives magnified than the sound itself. When the opportunity arises to be able to see something live, (my) excitement levels go through the roof. Even more so if it’s a singing show. Saturday afternoon saw a beautiful blend of gospel and classical … Continue reading